Radio UNISTAR Set Is Back!
Here is what you’ve been asking for! The legendary Radion UNISTAR Set is now in town. The most popular & love HIT of 2018. The top rolls are still there: Philadelphia Fresh Maki, Unagi Philadelphia Maki, Manhattan Maki and last but not least Bonito Maki.
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Listen to Radio UNISTAR 99.5
Place a takeaway order above 35BYN* and get a litre of beer or kvass for free!
• You get 1 litre of Alivariya White Gold draft beer or 1 litre of Kvass “Alivarsky”
• The offer is valid only when ordering takeaway from Sushi House restaurants.
• The offer is valid only for people over 18 years old.
* the promotion is not applied if there are promotional items in the order and cannot be combined with other discounts or promotional offers
** one phone number for this promotion can be issued no more than one order within an hour
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Sushi House gives 15% discount on the whole* order to all birthday boys and girls for as many times you want during 5 days.
* the discount does not add up with other discounts, discounts and promotional offers

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