radio unistar set
Philadelphia Fresh Maki, Unagi Philadelphia Maki, Manhattan Maki, Bonito Maki
kabuki set
Singu Maki, Kyuri Maki, Katsuo-Bushi Maki, Tataki Syake Maki
tsunami set
Aburi Maki, Bali Maki, Wakame Maki, Samurai Maki
 miyadzaki set
Canada Maki, Ebi Cheddar Maki, Mix Philadelphia Maki, Bonito Maki
izumi set
Chiba Maki, Osaka Maki, Sakano Maki, Curie Maki
hit set
Philadelphia Maki, Bonito Maki, Akita Maki, Kyoto Maki
katana set
Kadzumi Maki, Bekon Piro Maki, Drakon Maki, Kaydzhi Maki
sayonara set
Miyazaki Maki, California Surimi Maki, Yo Mayo Maki, Surimi Kunsey Syake Maki, Kurosaki Maki
“badgers got busted” set
“Badgers Got Busted” Set
Philadelphia Kunsey Maki, Bonito Maki, Unagi Philadelphia Maki, Akita Maki, Manhatten Maki, Bekon Cherri Maki, Ageta Maki, Yasay Maki
l❤ve st❤ry set
L❤VE ST❤RY set
Sakano Maki, Bali Maki, Manhatten Maki, Akita Maki
philadelphia san set
Philadelphia San Set
Philadelphia Maki, Philadelphia Fresh Maki, Philadelphia Avokado Maki, Kunsei  Philadelphia Maki
syake set
Syake set
The set consists of 5 rolls with salmon in combination with other ingredients
outleto set (pickup only)
OUTLETO Set (pickup only)
Philadelphia fresh maki, kyuri maki, bacon pira maki, tataki syke maki
Only pickup OUTLETO mall
ebi tchin’ set
Ebi tchin’ Set
Ebi Philadelphia Maki, Ebi California Maki, Asahi Maki, Akita Maki
party set
Asahi Maki, Manhatten Maki, Edo Maki, Bonito Maki, Philadelphia Fresh Maki, Kioto Maki
maki set
Kunsey Avocado Maki, Unagi Kappa Maki, Spicy Izumitai Maki, Tekka Kappa Maki, Hotate Kunsey Maki
tanuki set
Vakame Maki, Miks Philadelphia Maki, Drakon Maki, Ebi California Maki
classic set
Avocado maki, Izumite maki, Tekka maki, Syake maki, Unagi maki, Ebi maki, Spicy Hochi maki

Sushi Sets Delivery From Sushi House

The team of Sushi House restaurant has been working on making our delivery better for many years. That being said, all these years the main thing for us has been love and recognition of our guests.

You can make an order by calling 7440 or place an online order on our website 24 hours a day. We deliver to any place in Minsk and within 10 km outside the city. For free delivery a minimum order of 20 BYN is required. As well as ordering a delivery to your home or office you can pick up your order on your own at any our restaurant.

For more information about the price and delivery terms click the page Delivery.

Order Sushi Sets At The Best Price

Sushi House has a flexible discount system and special offers. To learn more about up-to-date offers click the page Special offers & Discounts.

Sushi sets allow you to try several kinds sushi and rolls options at a time. Sushi sets making is guided by the similarity of ingredients or the method of cooking.

Our menu offers sushi sets of different size for both small dinner for two people and large company parties. Sushi House presents a variety of sets: large and small, spicy and soft & creamy. The variety of suchi sets will give you the opportunity to taste more of our menu. The price of sushi sets is another appealing thing. If you order a sushi set you can try several kinds of rolls cheaper.

Order a classic Japanese set or try a selection of chef’s special rolls, which are cooked only in our restaurant. A set is an ideal option for a pleasant dinner for two or for a fun sushi party with friends or colleagues.

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